Survey results

2003 survey

Here are the results of a national survey regarding trans fat conducted through various newspaper websites on October 20, 2003.

Do you limit your kids' intake of trans fat?

Yes, I always have. 348 votes 14%
I haven't been, but I'm starting now. 277 votes 11%
I limit unhealthy foods, but not trans fat in particular. 1323 votes 53%
No, my kids don't eat enough of it to make a difference. 560 votes 22%

When trans fat is added to food labels,
will it influence your decision to buy that particular food?

Yes, absolutely. 1158 votes 52%
Yes, it might. 607 votes 27%
No, I doubt it. 292 votes 13%
No, I don't look at food labels. 171 votes 8%

2004 survey

A study by a Washington-based market research firm in 2004 confirmed that 14% of the population were already avoiding routinely trans fat. Click here for a newspaper article about the study. 14% translates into a huge amount of lost sales dollars. As the survey above shows, when packaged food labeling becomes mandatory, the percentage of the population that will avoid trans fat will rise dramatically.

2005 survey

In November 2005, the International Food Information Council conducted a survey on consumer knowledge and attidudes toward food nutrition and health. Pages 18-20 address the issue of fats. 81% had heard of trans fats, which is good. However, close to 4 in 10 of consumers who were aware of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats throught they were unhealthful. In fact, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats are healthy fats. Click here to read the survey.

2006 Harris survey

In January 2006, Harris Interactive conducted a survey of 1,040 U.S. adults. Over half (54%) of adults said they were familiar with the impact that saturated fat has on their health and 77 percent of those who are familiar said they were very or extremely concerned about the health hazards associated with this type of fat. Almost half (46%) of adults were familiar with the impact of trans fats on their health and more than three-quarters (79%) of those who were familiar with this were very or extremely concerned that these posed a health hazard. Click here to read the press release about the Harris Interactive survey.

2006 Wall Street Journal survey

The Wall Street Journal conducted a poll asking: "Would you support a ban on use of trans fats in restaurants in your city?"

61% were in favor and 39% against. Considering that the readership of the Wall Street Journal is mostly business-supporting and conservative, this is a very encouraging result. Take note states, cities and towns across America: the public wants this.

Click here for the results of the poll.

2006 Technomic survey

In December 2006, Technomic, Inc. stated that it had found that 63% of restaurant goers nationally support New York City's ban on restaurant use of trans fats.

For more information about Technomic's survey, contact Bob Goldin at (312) 506-3936 or



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